Saturday, 26 April 2014

Are you the ONE?

As you might have seen in my latest post, my blog's turning quite on the beauty side. Writing about beauty and make-up has always been on my mind, especially since I see this as a form of art rather than a mundane activity destined to hide details of a late night or a bad genetic inheritance (under eyes circles, I'm talking to you!!).

Yesterday I spoke to you about taking care of your nails and tomorrow I'm planning to let you in on the miracles of coconut oil, but today I'll be talking about the latest make-up range brought to you by the Swedish cosmetics company Oriflame: The ONE.

Wandering around beauty blogs, I encountered this amazing new collection that consists of 3 different make-up ranges!

1. Everyday beauty
This part of the collection especially designed for a flawless day to day look. It contains essentials for every woman's make-up bag and, judging by the already known quality of Oriflame products, we can only expect duration and great finish!
Why I'm looking forward to seeing and trying this collection? High quality essentials are always a great thing to have and not worrying all day if your concealer is still in its place is very highly valued by yours truly!

2. High impact
Moving on from the fresh look Everyday Beauty can create, we're stepping into a more pigmented line, created for people that want to achieve a more deep look. The shades are more intense and can create a much more intriguing look.

3. Long wear
For anyone wanting heavy-duty resistance, this is your thing! Make-up items conceived to stay there and look nice for an entire day! I could not be more excited by something, especially since I always have issues with my make-up during parties or nights out. Or even long shopping days!

If you want to check out some more information about the collection or tips on how to use it, you can always check Oriflame's Youtube videos. My personal favourite is the one below.
I'm actually looking forward to trying the products and seeing how they look like on myself :)


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